Club History

On June 7, 2017, the Rotary Club of Upper Perkiomen celebrated its Charter Night at The Loft at Sweetwater. Many Rotarians from around District 7430, including District Governor Linda Young, attended in celebration.

Receiving official admission into District 7430 on May 8, 2017, the first board inducted consisted of: President Danielle Kates, Vice President Stephen Lam, Secretary Darlene Scott, Treasurer Richard Slimmer, and Membership Chair Dina Corrado.

Rotary Year 2018 – 2019: President Travis Robison, President-Elect Darlene Scott, Secretary Sarah Kelsh, and Treasurer Richard Slimmer.

Rotary Year 2019 – 2020: President Darlene Scott, President Elect Sarah Toback, Secretary Sarah Kelsh, and Treasurer Richard Slimmer.

As of the new Rotary year started July 1, 2020, our club is 34 members strong. The executive board members include: President Sarah Toback, President-Elect Jennifer McCarty, Secretary Sarah Dandridge, and Treasurer Richard Slimmer.